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Save-Your-Change Program

No need to break open that piggy bank just yet! Enroll in our Save-Your-Change program and we’ll automatically round up your debit card purchases and deposit the extra amount into your savings account! For example, say your order at J3 Cajun Seafood costs you $13.25. Under this system, your bill would be rounded up to $14, with the extra 75 cents going into your savings. That act alone, daily, could help build your extra change into hundreds of dollars! Contact us today to enroll in Save-Your-Change today!

Refer a Friend and Share the Love!

For every person you refer that opens a checking account with direct deposit, we will reward you with $25.* For each loan that you refer of at least $10,000, we will reward you with $100.* There's NO LIMIT to the number of referrals you can make. We love our members. So, start sharing the love today!
*Certain restrictions may apply. Must be a member to qualify. See staff for details.

From our President

As most of you know, our Credit Union was chartered in October, 1949, as Dixie Greyhound Federal Credit Union. We’ve made a lot of changes since then, but we are still the same credit union, and we share the same values as our founders. Since its charter, our Credit Union has been relying on others for a space to conduct business (renting/leasing space from others). We have experienced several moves over the years, as our Credit Union grew and expanded to include a larger area for membership. After nearly 67 years of growth, and much planning & negotiations from your Board of Directors, we are happy to announce that this dream has become a reality! Our soon-to-be permanent location at 3870 Goodman Road, next door to Taco Bell, is conveniently located just about a half mile east of our existing location. This beautiful building is fully owned by your Credit Union!
New Building
We will begin moving our operations to the new location hopefully mid-August. We should be completely moved by September 1. You should not notice any interruptions in regular service or operations during our move.

You may drop by to see us at our new location as soon as we are there. However, we will be having a Grand Opening in conjunction with Member Appreciation Day in October. This will mark our 67th anniversary and what better way to celebrate than with our members who have supported us and helped us to accomplish this. A BIG THANK YOU to all of our members for helping to make this possible, and to our Board of Directors for their forward-thinking & progressive attitudes toward the future of SecurTrust Federal Credit Union.

Please join us as we celebrate this new milestone in a new building! You will receive notification of the exact date of our Grand Opening soon. As always, we appreciate you! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. All I can say at this time is, “Wow! We Have Come a Long Way!”

Martha Rushing

SecurTrust selected Business of the Month

Business of the Month
SecurTrust FCU was selected “Business of the Month” by the Byhalia Chamber of Commerce recently. Shown with the plaque and traveling trophy are Martha Rushing, President, and Donna Sisk, Member Services. Thank you, Byhalia Chamber, for the recognition, and a big Thank You to YOU, our members, for helping us achieve this status. Stop by to conduct business, check on rates, or just to say hello. We are always happy to see you!

How to Add a Shortcut on Your Smart Phone:

Simply type in our website address - - from your smart phone. Once our site has fully loaded, select the option to "add to homescreen" from your phone. This will place our green "ST" icon on your phone so that you can easily access SecurTrust FCU's website with one tap of your finger!

New MasterCard Debit Chip Cards

New MasterCard Debit Chip Cards
By now you’ve probably heard about the nationwide conversion to EMV payment cards, also known as “chip cards.” These highly-secure cards have an electronic chip embedded in them that stores information about your card in a secure, encrypted format that is virtually impossible to crack. The technology has been in place around the world for several years, and has been proven to reduce losses from fraud.

How the chip works.
For added security, EMV cards have a microchip with encrypted account information. Chip cards and merchant terminals work together to protect in-store payments. A unique one-time code is generated behind-the-scenes that is needed for the transaction to be approved – a feature that is virtually impossible to replicate in a counterfeit card.

No interruption to service.
If the merchant is equipped with EMV terminals, the chip in your card will be used to authenticate and process your card transaction. If the merchant is NOT equipped with EMV terminals, the information stored in the magnetic strip will be used to process your card transaction (as it does currently).

What you need to do:
It’s simple. Just use your new EMV cards as you normally do knowing the chip in your cards help protect you from in-store fraud while you do your everyday banking, and we’re here to help you with questions. For more information, please see the Frequently Asked Questions below, or call us at 662-890-8760.

Acrobat File Chip Card Q&A