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A Checking Account is a smart choice for convenient low/no-cost way to handle all your payments. You must already have established a share savings account in order to open a checking account. An initial deposit of $100 is required. There is no per check charge and no minimum balance is required; however if your balance drops below $1,000 during the month, there will be a small fee of $7.00 charged to your account. If you are age 55 or over, checking is absolutely free, no matter what your balance! And all checking accounts with a minimum $300.00 balance are paid interest monthly. As an added benefit, SecurTrust FCU offers duplicate checks to simplify your record keeping. Like savings, checking accounts can be owned individually or by multiple joint members. Your monthly statement provides a complete record of your checking transactions.
Student Accounts - SecurTrust is the perfect place for young people to get a good start on managing their finances. We offer FREE checking accounts geared specifically toward high school and college students. Student Checking accounts are free with proof of full-time student status.
Direct Deposit - Have your paycheck automatically deposited to your Credit Union account. No waiting in line, and your funds are here on time, even when you're on vacation!
Payroll Deduction - Have a portion of your paycheck automatically deposited to your account on payday. Loan repayment is easy this way, and saves you time and postage!